Registered Veterinary Technicians 

Transitional Discoveries at Birth and End of Life

  • Saturday, April 28, 2018
  • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Gladys Valley Hall UC Davis 944 Garrod Dr. Davis, California 95616


Special Guest Dr. Temple Grandin

Join us in person or via webinar for this symposium, Translational Discoveries at Birth and End of Life: Featuring Dr. Temple Grandin Saturday, April 28, 2018 at UC Davis.  In the morning, we will discuss the science behind euthanasia and humane ways to practice it. For the afternoon, a “One Health” discussion on discoveries in the transition of consciousness at birth and neurodevelopment and parallels between infant skin to skin care and the "squeeze" technique in newborn foals.   

Notable highlights from world renowned speakers include:
  • Dr. Temple Grandin - welfare issues in farm animals and insights into her “squeeze” technique
  • Dr. Vinod Bhutani - Stanford Neonatologist discusses the life-saving effects of swaddling  and skin to skin care of the newborn and its role in neurodevelopment
  • Dr. John Madigan - why foals don’t gallop in the womb and discoveries on birth awakenings in normal and ill foals by mimicking birth canal pressures (‘the squeeze”)
  • Dr. Monica Aleman - the science of what pets experience in euthanasia
  • Dr. Lynette Hart - the effects of pet loss on owners
We are very excited to welcome our guest speakers, Dr. Temple Grandin, a Professor of animal science at Colorado State University who continues to be a pioneer in improving the welfare of farm animals.  We are also honored to have Dr. Vinod Bhutani, Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and world authority on post birth infant care. 

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