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Regulations Regarding RVTs Administering Home Treatments

Nancy Ehrlich, RVT

Regulatory/Legislative Advocate, CaRVTA

It has come to our attention that it is now common for RVTs to be setting up their own businesses to provide home care to animal patients.  While it is legal for RVTs to provide home care, it must be done within the laws and regulations of California. The Veterinary Medicine Practice Act provides for RVTs to provide prescribed treatments under Indirect Supervision. 

Sec. 2034 (f) “Indirect Supervision” means: (1) that the supervisor is not physically present at the location where animal health care job tasks are to be performed, but has given either written or oral instructions (“direct orders”) for treatment of the animal patient; and (2) the animal has been examined by a veterinarian at such times as good veterinary medical practice requires, consistent with the particular delegated animal health care task and the animal is not anesthetized as defined in Section 2032.4.

The key word here is supervisor.  RVTs providing home treatments must be supervised by the prescribing veterinarian.  RVTs may not administer any treatment to an animal unless the prescribing veterinarian has agreed to supervise the RVT. 

The Veterinary Medical Board has received several complaints about RVTs who are not supervised while providing home treatments. To avoid a complaint and possible discipline, be sure to coordinate with the prescribing veterinarian before administering any home treatments. In addition, if you are providing home care through your own business, be sure to have Liability Insurance


Safehold is one company that offers RVT Liability Insurance, follow the link and HERE is their application form.

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