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California Registered Veterinary Technicians Association

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There are currently three eligibility categories for the RVT examination in California. 
To be eligible for the RVT examination, a candidate must meet the requirements of only one of these categories.

National and State Veterinary Organizations


Graduate from, at minimum, a two-year curriculum in veterinary technology in a college or other post-secondary institution approved by the California Veterinary Medical Board (VMB). (Generally an AVMA approved school) or complete a program or curriculum that has been deemed equivalent to a two-year approved program by the VMB.


Currently licensed, in good standing, in another state, US Territory or Canadian Province with at least 4416 hours of practical experience (in specific areas) in no less than 24 months, under the direct supervision of a veterinarian licensed in the United States, Canada or a US Territory.


Complete a combination of at least 4416 hours of directed clinical practice in no less than 24 months under the direct supervision of a California-licensed veterinarian and 300 hours (or 20 semester or 30 quarter units) of specific education.

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